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Following a review, Racing Australia implemented new rules in 2016 regarding unnamed horses. This increased the transparency surrounding the bona fides and whereabouts of thoroughbreds between foaling and racehorse registration. This was a proactive decision and is in line with both the greyhound and harness racing industries.

To be eligible for Racehorse Registration in Australia, owners and breeders must adhere to strict guidelines within the Australian Rules of Racing.

Australian Rule of Racing AR 27 states that horses cannot be registered as Racehorses unless:

  • Accepted for inclusion as a foal in the Australian Stud Book or the stud book of an
    Overseas Racing Authority; or
  • Accepted for inclusion in the Australian Non-Thoroughbred Register or nonthoroughbred register of an Overseas Racing Authority.
change of location oR transfer of ownership

Australian Rule of Racing AR 50 makes it compulsory for an Unnamed Horse Change of Location form to be lodged within seven days of the change taking place.

Any person who fails to provide details as to knowledge of the location may be penalised.

Further transparency of unnamed horses is gained through an Unnamed Horse Transfer of Ownership form. This must be completed within four weeks of the transfer taking place by the relevant relinquishing and acquiring parties. This ensures individuals are held accountable for the welfare of unnamed horses.

After the breeder/owner submits their Live Foal Mare Return, they will then receive an official foal identification card from Racing Australia once the parentage has been verified. This is kept at the same location of the thoroughbred at all times. 
Thoroughbreds must be freeze-branded in sufficient time for their brands to be discernible by March 31 of their first year of life. The brands must be visible before the horse is microchipped and DNA tested. Microchipping allows the horse to be instantly identified throughout its life with a scanner, this is particularly beneficial for stewards who scan each horse upon arrival to the races. The DNA sample allows each horse to be parent tested, another example of the integrity measures in place.

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